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US Cyclocross Nationals - Bend, OR - 12/10/09 to 12/13/09

US Cyclocross National Championships are in Bend this weekend. It's cold, there is snow on the ground, and the course surface changes throughout the day as the temperature rises and falls. Lots of different races, but I'm only taking pictures at a select few races.

Elite Men Photo Album
Men 30-34 Photo Album
Men 35-39 Photo Album
Singlespeed Photo Album
Women 30-34 Photo Album

USGP Stanley Portland Cup - Portland, OR - 12/05/09 & 12/06/09

The USGP series finished in Portland this weekend. Cold temperatures following a week of dry weather made for interesting conditions. Hup United was well represented in a couple of different races. Zac, Bernard, Adrian, and Andrew battled in the Single Speed/Cat 3 race, while Slate and Chris raced in the Masters 35+ race. Sunday brought lots of wind and even colder temperatures, but much drier ground. Slate and Chris joined Zac, Bernard, and Adrian in the Single Speed race, and then Slate doubled up and raced a second time in the Masters 35+ race. Good results and fun times were had by all.

USGP Day 1 (Hup United) Photo Album
USGP Day 1 (Other People) Photo Album
USGP Day 2 (Hup United) Photo Album
USGP Day 2 (Other People) Photo Album

Kruger's Crossing Cyclocross Classic - Sauvie Island, OR - 11/22/09

Today's course can best be described by someone overheard while warming up. "This course is really raunchy." Heavy rain overnight and earlier in the day led to thick mud that gradually changed from a soup-like consistency to heavy peanut butter. In addition to the regular race categories, there was also a doggy dash, featuring multiple categories and special prizes. Single speeds were the order for today after experiencing plenty of mechanicals in previous years with similar conditions.

Kruger's Crossing Photo Album

Barton Park (Cross Crusade #8) - Barton, OR - 11/15/09

Today's race was the last race of the Cross Crusade series. Barton Park offered its usual challenges with long flat sections, slick off-camber downhills, and plenty of mud and puddles. All these elements made for some exciting racing and a fitting close to the Cross Crusade series.

Barton Park Photo Album

Portland International Raceway (Cross Crusade #7 and SSCXWC) - Portland, OR - 11/08/09

This weeks race featured your fearless photographer. So I didn't take any photos of any of the races. Here are some links to some other photographer's pictures from the race, plus a couple of me racing. I raced a folding commuter bike in the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship (SSCXWC) race.

PDX Cross (SSCXWC Set)
PDX Cross (Crusade Set)
Robin Straughan
Everyday Athlete
Brian Ellin
Oregon Velo
You Tube Dude #1
You Tube Dude #2
Vimeo Dude
Wend Magazines Cyclocross Diaries

Dave racing at SSCXWC Photo Album

Clatsop County Fairgrounds (Cross Crusade #6) - Astoria, OR - 11/01/09

While Halloween was technically the day before, today was the official costume day. Those who chose not to wear costumes were booed and heckled. Unfortunately, some went too far in their heckling, but that remains a topic for Crusade Chat and not this description. It hadn't rained since the day before, but there were still plenty of slick and muddy sections to challenge everyone.

Clatsop County Fairgrounds Day 2 Photo Album

Clatsop County Fairgrounds (Cross Crusade #5) - Astoria, OR - 10/31/09

Today was the first of two days of racing on Halloween weekend in Astoria. Fields were a bit smaller, but the racing was just as fierce. Early morning rain gave way to clouds and some sprinkles, but the damage was done. There was a ton of mud, and the course designers took advantage of it, sending racers through as much of it as they could.

Clatsop County Fairgrounds Day 1 Photo Album

Washington County Fairgrounds (Cross Crusade #4) - Hillsboro, OR - 10/25/09

Finally, real cross weather has arrived. Rain in the days leading up to race day and some sprinkles throughout the day created a few mud puddles. Just enough for everyone to get dirty and enjoy a true cross experience. No more dusty, bumpy courses. From here on out, it's mud and slop.

Washington County Fairgrounds Photo Album

Sherwood Equestrian Park (Cross Crusade #3) - Sherwood, OR - 10/18/09

If you thought Rainier had a big hill, it's nothing compared to this new venue outside of Wilsonville. The course at the Sherwood Equestrian Center sent racers around horse pastures and through the woods. Early races were slick and muddy, but everything dried out as the day went on. Fortunately, beers were allowed at this venue, so everyone had a good time.

Sherwood Equestrian Park Photo Album

Rainier High School (Cross Crusade #2) - Rainier, OR - 10/11/09

Washington racers were invited to the 2nd Cross Crusade, held at Rainier High School, to continue the cross state competition. Most likely due to fear of losing, not very many Washingtonians showed up and Oregon easily cleaned up the points competition. The revival of the state competition should see some exciting battles in the future.

Rainier High School Photo Album

Cross Clash - Lakewood, WA - 10/10/09

The MFG Cross Clash race reignited the competition between Oregon and Washington racers. A light Oregon turnout and strong local competition gave Washington the points edge, at least for the day.

Cross Clash Photo Album

PDX School of Cross - PIR - 10/05/09

The third and final edition of the PDX School of Cross had a few new faces and a few new lessons. A small but enthusiastic group gathered for some barrier bunny hopping lessons. After a couple of tumbles and some near misses, the lesson quickly turned into an advanced high speed cornering lesson before anyone got hurt. A beer hand-up lesson led in to a few laps of racing and everyone left with lots of smiles.

PDX School of Cross Photo Album

Alpenrose Dairy (Cross Crusade #1) - Portland, OR - 10/04/09

The Cross Crusade series kicked off at Alpenrose with almost 1400 racers competing under sunny skies. A little rain overnight kept the dust down, but wasn't enough to create the slick conditions that the crowd was hoping to see. Fast racing and warm temperatures kept everyone happy and entertained all day long.

Cat B and Single Speed Photo Album
Cat B Women Photo Album
Cat A Men and Women Photo Album

PDX School of Cross - PIR - 9/28/09

The second edition of the PDX School of Cross offered more than just race instruction. Jeremy and Joe from Embrocation Magazine showed everyone the proper way to embrocate. The evening ended with a three lap race under the motocross track floodlights and a round of raffled products.

PDX School of Cross Photo Album

Battle at Barlow - Gresham, OR - 9/27/09

The Barlow race signals the imminent start of the Cross Crusade series. Today's race was run under warm and sunny conditions, leading to fast lap times and dusty conditions. AO was top 10 in the singlespeeds, while Joe and Slate battled it out in the A's.

Battle at Barlow Photo Album

PDX School of Cross - PIR - 9/21/09

The PDX School of Cross features an all-star cast of instructors providing detailed instruction followed by a friendly race in the gathering dusk.

PDX School of Cross Photo Album

Rad Racing GP - Fort Steilacoom, WA - 9/20/09

The day before was filled with rain, but this race day was full of warm sunshine. The famous Knapp-time run-up left its mark in everyone's legs, but the sunny skies kept everyone's spirits high.

Rad Racing GP Photo Album

StarCrossed - Redmond, WA - 9/19/09

The 8th running of this twilight race brought a mixed bag of weather. At time sunny, at time raining, racers were treated to another fantastic event. Just a few Hupsters contested this event, so there are lots of pictures of other racers in these albums.

Women 3/4 Photo Album
Singlespeed/Master 3/4 Photo Album
Master 1/2 Photo Album
Elite Women Photo Album
Elite Men Photo Album

MFG Kick-Off Cross - Kirkland, WA - 9/13/09

Zac put his money where his mouth is and launched a new cross series in the Seattle area. A huge turnout, including a bunch of racers from Portland, welcomed this brand new series to the Northwest.

MFG Kick-Off Cross Photo Album

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